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Instructions: Use WASD or arrow keys for the movement. Press key R to fix a tower/wall you are next to. Use key U to upgrade them, and click the left mouse to place turrets or open the gem shop when you are next to the gem.

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TDFork is a Tower Defense Strategy game that is regarded as an upgraded version of the original TD. You should try this one again for tougher challenges. Like the first version, the main goal of TDFork is to keep the gem in the bottom of the map safe from 15 waves of enemies. These enemies will come in wave after wave, so if you have no plans to fight them off, they will get what they want, which is your precious gem! You need to place turrets and other defensive towers in a strategic place so they can help you wipe out all waves of enemies and stop them from reaching the gem. As time goes by, you can earn more coins from collecting the kills, or even upgrade weapons and repair your buildings in order to power up yourself even more. This Tower Defense game also takes you through a lot of stages with increasing difficulties. You must beat all of them to prove your skills!

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