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Instructions: Use the mouse to break the platform, press left arrow key to call for a reindeer from the left, press the right arrow key to summon a reindeer from the right.

WinterSmash.io Game


WinterSmash.io is a nice ragdoll-puzzle strategy game where you have to utilize the physics to give a hand to Santa! Your characters want to get down from the pile of gifts onto the floor but he doesn’t what to do to achieve it. The problem is that there are many platforms that you will cope with during the course of this adventure. You can always call in the assistance of his reindeers, but some of them may get you in even tougher situation. The in-game reindeers feature different behaviors, therefore, you must utilize the one that suits your current situation. If you don’t want the help from the reindeers anymore, you can click to send them away. Make sure that you always remember what platforms you have demolished and the outcome, make use of the reindeers wisely to overcome the challenges and help Santa conquer all challenges. Wish you luck!

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