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Instructions: Move with WASD, use key C for the commands menu, key B to enter the shop, key Y to delete all structures, key O for the gates, and key R to turn on/off the unit production.

allyourbasearebelongtous Game


allyourbasearebelongtous from the io games series is a new capturing style game online where players have to work with their teams to destroy bases of each other for a chance of winning. You will be assigned to either the red team or the blue team, and when the match is kicked off, go help your teammates kill all enemies using your farm and some given barracks. You should rush towards the enemy base before they establish it, create more farms for expanding your army and try your best to destroy the enemy base. Once it’s gone, their buildings will belong to your team. Will your team achieve the glory in the match? Jump into allyourbasearebelongtous free online now!

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