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Terms of use is considered as a crucial thing that all users of websites must understand clearly if they want to use the services and information. For the users of Skribbl-io.org, they are highly suggested to carefully read the terms of use established by possessors. Learning the terms well is also a good way that helps the users have a grasp on their rights. All important rules and regulations will be included in the terms, and the users are forced to follow. Any wrongdoings or breaking our rules will be penalized in accordance with law. Hence, all users are recommended to have a look at the terms below before utilizing anything.

Terms of Skribbl-io.org

The owner of Skribbl-io.org established their own rules and regulations that all users and visitors must follow. So please read them carefully and keep them in your mind when you use the website:

  • It will be a wrong doing if a user tries to change the content or misuse it following their own way. Hence, all users are not allowed to alter anything while they are using.
  • The standard of the content, such as accomplishment, relevance, and accuracy will not receive any guarantee from the owner of the website or the third parties. Hence, it’s very crucial for all the users to be in charge of what they are utilizing.
  • The website will contain some basic elements, including graphics, content, layout, design and much more. The users are not allowed to make replicas of these elements, but if some of them try to do so, their actions will be considered as law-breaking, and where will be a heavy punishment given out to those users.
  • The logos owned by the operator will be considered on this site.

The users of Skribbl-io.org must follow the rules and regulations built by the owner of this site. If there is any user that tries to imitate the content, elements or causing harms to the website, he/she will have to take responsibilities for what he/she has done, and there will be a punishment given to them. All the wrongdoings that break the rules will be seen as infringement.

When visiting Skribbl-io.org, the users are allowed to click the related links in order to get more information or further interesting details that relate the topics they are researching on. All users are highly recommended to explore the related links in order to gain more experiences. Last but not least, Skribbl-io.org will not display the content of other websites.

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