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Instructions: Move around the arena using keys ASD, use the spacebar to jump.

BulletLeague.io - Play free online


Are you looking for a nice physics-based gunplay 2D Shooter game to master? You have come to the right place because BulletLeague.io is all you need! This is one of the nicest IO games with Battle Royale concept, and it promises not to let you down. You will experience a brutal gunfight where you have to compete against other enemies worldwide in a big arena. There are three elements making BulletLeague.io more engaging to play: interesting gameplay, various weapons, and a nice building system. With the gameplay, you must shoot your way to the skies, knock all enemies out of the arena. You can find many discrepant weapons across the map, like a minigun, rocket launcher, etc. Also, in case you get stuck at some spot, you can use the building system to get out of it easily. It does sound very cool, doesn’t it? Why don’t you join it now to experience all the features and prove your skills? It’s going to be very fun!

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