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Gang Warz

Instructions: Move your character using arrow keys or WASD. Press key G to drop items, the left mouse to use items. Use the mouse to move the car, press key Esc to exit the car, key W to use the car's ability and spacebar to disable turning.

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Gang Warz

Are you ready to become a dangerous gangster in an action-packed 2D Shooter game called Gang Warz? Prepare yourself for this amazing adventure and have your skills tested now! In this title, you will fight for the control of the streets as well as for the Street Credit. When you navigate your way through the streets, you will catch sight of a lot of things, such as advanced AIs, various vehicles, multiple weapons, etc. You’d better get yourself a cool car then drive it to catch your targets or run away from dangers faster. In addition to this, your car is armed with a special ability that can be used to get an edge over the enemies. When you walk, you can pick up a lot of items or even strong weapons and employ them wisely to inflict more pain on others. Make sure you keep yourself safe from any threats on the streets! You have to come out as a final victor in Gang Warz!

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