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Instructions: Control your fleet using the mouse, buy a new spaceship using key 1 and press the spacebar to speed up.

Nebulaz.io - Play free online


Nebulaz.io is a tough space-themed shooter game about multiple fleets of spaceships battling against each other in the huge cosmos. You have your own fleet, and you must do whatever it takes to vanquish the entire galaxy. When you fly around in space, try your hardest to deal damage to other enemy fleets that are also roaming through space. If you don’t kill them first, they will end your life with their attacks. So, quickly finish off everything getting in your path before it’s too late. In addition to this, you can also destroy many objects to build the size of your fleet. Once you get larger, you will have more firepower to assault the opponents easily. Speed up whenever you feel a need, especially when you want to sneak up on others or want to break away from a tight situation. You aim to become the largest starship fleet in Nebulaz.io! Are you up for it? Play then master your skills now!

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