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Instructions: Choose W-A-S-D keys to maneuver, Left mouse button to place slime blobs or buy items and read the dialogue

SlimeMaze.Io - Play free online


SlimeMaze.Io is a Free For All IO game unblocked. Start off with a Slime and play with multiple online rivals. It is easy to find the existence of little blobs. They are dropped by other players. And, you can do the same. They can show you the way to reach the right path or lead you to dangerous places. It is not difficult to leave some pieces. You will be given 15 seconds to release. Therefore, you should select the appropriate spot to implement that smartly. Engage in SlimeMaze.Io 2D Shooter you are able to spectate someone or stop watching whenever you want. From the hub location, you will see quests left by the rest. You are recommended to read them. Besides, there are many secrets waiting for you to unlock. Note that a big maze is available after you spawn. Attempt to get to the end! To increase the winning opportunity, buy the best stuff from the shop. Good luck!

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