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Instructions: Control your cell using the mouse, throw out mass using key W, split the cells using the spacebar. Press key D to split it twice, toggle the menu using key ESC. 

Cellulus - Play free online


Cellulus is situated in a great yet horror microscope world where players take on the role of aggressive cells trying to kill each other for their survival. Killing enemies is a must, but before you engage in any clashes, make sure the size of your cell is already big. You have to wander around this world eating as many cells as possible by overlapping them. The more cells you consume, the larger you are. Then, you can use your strength to squash all opponents who are smaller than you. Do not put all of your efforts into killing other players even though it is important to do so, because you can be at risk anytime! You’d better try to defend yourself from the bigger cells as well to avoid getting eaten. Once you get defeated, everything you have earned will be gone, causing you to restart it from scratch. Do you think you will be able to top the leaderboard in Cellulus? Let’s play the game now!

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