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Instructions: Direct the movement of your swarm using WASD or arrow keys. You can chat with key Enter and shoot at enemies using the spacebar or the left mouse button.

Swaarm.io - Play free online


Swaarm.io is a multiplayer Agario Style game. Like other IO games, you also compete against hundreds of players online in a huge arena. In this title, you control a small swarm of 2-3 tanks and navigate it through the map in order to kill the opponent swarms or farm the killing bots to build the size of your swarm. Size will matter a lot in Swaarm.io as it will give you more strength to cope with the tougher enemy swarms. Like Agar.io, you have to make the swarm much larger than ever, then go absorb the smaller swarms controlled by the opponents before you get absorbed by the larger ones. Aside from this, you must watch out for the deadly attack bots prowling the map. They can be a nice source for the swarm advancement, but often steal kills or even hunt you down. Make sure you protect your swarm from everything around you, keep it alive for as long as possible then work your way to the top rank on the leaderboard.

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