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Instructions: Perform the movement around the arena using WASD, use the left mouse to place a building or perform an action, click the right mouse on the pipe icon to rotate it, and use arrow keys for using the tool shortcut.

Gallons.io - Play free online


Show off your water-accumulating skill in Gallons.io game now! You will compete against various online players to see who will create the largest water base with the most amount of water. In the game, to fight off your enemies, you have to generate as many water pumps as possible. Keep in mind that the ponds you pump the water from have to be used wisely because they don’t have an endless supply, which makes the gameplay much more challenging. Gallons.io is not only about pumping water, but it also forces you to create various strategic bases for yourself and do whatever it takes to keep those ponds safe from any intruders. You don’t want your collected amount of water to go wasteful, right? It’s better to protect your prosperities before they are gone. With this build-and-pump IO multiplayer game, you will earn yourself a huge amount of fun as well as a fresh gaming experience. Enjoy it!

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