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Instructions: Move your character with arrow keys. Press the spacebar to place a bomb, and use an item by pressing key Z.

STARBOMBA - Play free online


STARBOMBA is regarded as a great crossover between Battle Royale and Bomberman. You’d better check this out for a lot of great challenges and you will surely earn a huge amount of fun. In this classic game that is free for all, you direct your character around the map trying to kill all enemies by placing bombs. Make sure that the bombs you place have to be close to your enemies, so they can make them explode easily. Also, when you navigate your way through the map, you should collect power-ups to get your character much stronger and use them to outmatch all enemies more easily. Another problem in StarBomba is that the map keeps shrinking in size. Do whatever it takes to survive that challenge and fight your way to the top spot on the leaderboard, which is the official objective you must obtain. Will you come out as the best Bomberman on the server? Good luck to you!

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