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Badminton Online

Instructions: Use key W to jump, keys A/D to move, aim and throw the ball using the mouse.

Badminton Online - Play free online

Badminton Online

If you want to experience a new sports game for free in your browser, you can try one called Badminton Online! It’s so fun to have a chance to compete against many opponents from around the world in an exciting game online like this. You and another contender engage in a badminton match. The goal of the game is to score more points against your rival. To do this, you must aim then quickly throw the ball in the perfect direction for getting points. When your rival takes this turn, you should use your strategies or any tricks you have in order to prevent him from scoring, and also, make sure that your goal is always well defended. Anyone who gets 5 points first will become the winner of the match. Do whatever it takes to achieve the goal and come out as the victor! Are you ready? Try Badminton online io game for free now!

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