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Black Hole.io

Instructions: Move your black hole around the map using the mouse.

Black Hole.io - Play free online

Black Hole.io

Black Hole.io is a strategy game online about eating most of everything in a big city to build your size. Basically, the gameplay is the same as other previous IO games, like Hole.io and Crowd City.io. You control a hungry black hole around the city trying to absorb plenty of things getting in your way, such as post offices, fences, humans, etc. The more you eat, the bigger you are. Keep eating until you become the largest and the most dangerous hole. During your hunting, you should be careful with enemy holes that are tougher than you while trying to absorb the ones that are weaker. If you eat them, your hole will get much bigger, taking you closer to the top 1 on the leaderboard too. But everything will come to an end if you get eaten by someone, so be sure to defend yourself all the time. Play Black Hole.io now then see if you can top the scoreboard!

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