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Instructions: Aim with the spacebar and release it to fire arrows at enemies.

BowRoyale.io - Play free online


BowRoyale.io unblocked is a one-button io game online set in the Dark Ages. All players will become ancient archers and they must fight one another to find out the best archer. This competition consists of 15 rounds with plenty of challenges to conquer. In every round, you have to defeat other 15 contenders using your brow and arrows. To kill them, make sure you aim for the best angle then shoot arrows at them. Try to protect yourself from getting hit by the rivals, if you let them kill you like that, the game will be reset, and all of your progress will be gone. It’s very important to stay alive if you aim at glory. When you earn wins, you can unlock new titles of honor and notoriety easily. BowRoyale io game will be a perfect chance for players to practice their skills, especially the ones that want to become an excellent archer. Much fun with this bow-and-arrow competition!

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