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Instructions: Strike WASD keys to wander around, Left mouse to choose or interact and attack, E to craft and open the shop, Shift to sneak, Q to drop something, Shift Q to release a stack, Right mouse or Space bar to enchant objects on the enchantment table

Cavegame.io - Play free online


Cavegame.io is a very interesting Moomoo.io style game unblocked. It is easy to take part in a cool adventure along with multiple players at once. In which, you should mine the free ores to collect valuable resources. Especially, the gold in Cavegame.io online will help you buy lots of stuff from the shop and boost up your ranks. Remember to craft weapons before fighting against robbers or zombies! Building up a base with towers is an important job. Further, you can choose mob spawners to gather items with XP. Finally, spend the point to enchant your gear. Play and enjoy now!

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