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Crowd City.io

Instructions: Move your zombies by using the mouse button

Crowd City.io - Play free online

Crowd City.io

Crowd City.io is a fun-addicting Free For All game. It looks like the content of some titles. However, you will take another completely different role. Actually, you will be chosen to be a zombie. And, you are assigned to spread the virus as fast as possible. It is feasible to finish that job if you know how to bite with teeth or grab with hands. Firstly, you can roam around streets in Crowd City.io and search for a few humans. Quickly approach the target and attack them as you plan. When they are infected, they will follow you and help you create a team. But, you are also asked to grow your group in number. Aside from gathering minions from available people, you can steal members from other opponents. When you add more teammates, your rank will be boosted up and the chance to dominate the leader position will be increased significantly. Attempt to progress and unlock upgrades!

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