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Draw and Guess

Instructions: Use the mouse for drawing and use the keyboard to type your guesses.

Draw and Guess - Play free online

Draw and Guess

Drawing and guessing are all two awesome activities that people love to play, and with Draw and Guess game, players from around the world are able to present their drawing and guessing abilities to each other. When the game is kicked off, you will take a turn to draw stuff then let other players guess what it is. Try to draw skillfully so they can guess it accurately, and this means you will earn points. However, if nobody sends a right guess, you won’t earn any score. Likewise, when someone is showing their drawing skill, you must think and type your guess as fast as possible. The faster you send the right guess, the higher point you will earn. When all the rounds come to a conclusion, the one who had the best score will be crowned as the ultimate victor. Are you ready for this interesting IO game? Give it a try now!

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