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Instructions: Use the mouse to move the ship Hit LMB to shoot, RMB to control a special ability

Galaxystrife - Play free online


Galaxystrife is a Free For All shooting Io game which is similar to many previous space shooters. Come to the new battlefield and immerse yourself into intense fast-paced matches with multiple enemies from around the world at once. Try to maneuver your own spacecraft skillfully while fighting against tons of foes nearby! You must dodge flying bullets along with dangerous explosions or lethal shrapnel if you want to continue combat and get close to the top spot. When you avoid projectiles from every side in Galaxystrife, you do not skip picking up good weapons and collecting special items which bring back amazing abilities. Meanwhile, energy orbs dropped by slain characters will allow you to grow stronger. With a series of powerful tools and skills, you can conquer the leaderboard easily. Are you willing to join and check out your capability? Make sure you can stay alive at the end! Set the name and enter now!

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