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Gun Battle

Instructions: Move your character around the map using arrow keys or WASD. Use the mouse to shoot.

Gun Battle - Play free online

Gun Battle

Gun Battle unblocked is an epic shooting multiplayer arcade-style game with Battle Royale concept. You will select between Battle Royale mode and 3v3 teams mode in this crazy online 2D Shooter game free for all. The game drops you in a huge arena. You have to make your way through it trying to kill as many rivals as possible. When accumulating kills, you will earn a lot of coins. Then, you can use these earned coins to purchase a lot of wonderful items in the shops which help you survive in this battle too. The more wins you get, the higher the level you can reach. For every new level you unlock, you will get access to brand new maps and weapons. Nothing is important than your life in this Gunbattle.io, as if you meet your doom, the game will be over. Try to stay alive for as long as possible until you can top the leaderboard on the server.

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