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Instructions: Use WASD for the movement. Click the left mouse to fire.

Kype.ga - Play free online


Kype.ga game challenges your surviving ability when it places you deep into the woods full of threats. You enter the woods with nothing but just a bow and some arrows. Will these given items help you survive the dangers around you? You will start roaming through the map in an attempt to gather some resources. Then, you utilize them to build a safe base, craft advanced items or even set deadly traps to lure other opponents and wipe them out. You should use some strategies to cope with the risks around you, especially when you are ambushed by someone else. You can stay in your safe base when you know you can’t defeat other players. Remember that keeping yourself alive during the course of the game is very important because if you meet your doom, it will be a game over for you instantly. Try to make good use of some collected power-ups to surpass all the challenges then evolve yourself into the best master of the forest. Good luck!

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