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Instructions: Move your monster with the mouse, eat many foods and kill enemies to win.

Slompkins.club - Play free online


Slompkins.club free online is one of the most fascinating io games drawing the inspiration from Agar.io. The game is set in a huge arena packed with monsters that are able to eat foods. You control a small monster then spawn in the map to get ready for this adventure. You will have to go find a lot of foods on the field, devour them all to grow your mass and jump into the fray. You can use your big body to take on the rivals, especially the smaller ones. Quickly absorb them all to grow your size even more, but still, make sure you stay away from the ones that are bigger than you. Once getting eaten, the game will be over for you, meaning you will restart it from scratch. The leaderboard of Slompkins.club game needs the biggest monster to dominate. Can you be the one? Try it now and have fun with it!

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