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Instructions: Use the mouse to move and shoot the balls

Soccer.io - Play free online


Soccer.io is a good and addicting sports game which is active only in Free For All mode. It’s possible to play solo against multiple rivals at once! The main aim that you will have to accomplish in the upcoming challenge is to become the player who collects the highest score. Besides, you are also recommended to remove every opponent before you run out of time.

After you set the nickname you want, you can hop into Soccer.io and experience an interesting match placed in a very small playfield. Especially, you will compete against three other persons. Each of you will be given a goal. To be the winner in Soccer.io, you are forced to shoot the balls into their nets before they do the same for you. You must attack and defend carefully because you can lose in an instant. Everything inside the playground can make you confused. So, try to keep calm and choose the appropriate moment to defeat competitors!

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