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Instructions: Use the mouse cursor to navigate the fish, left-click to speed up

Stabfish.io - Play free online


Stabfish.io is a savage free-for-all io game containing lovely creatures. Take control of a little fish and the rest will be your enemies. Actually, they are not as friendly as you see. Each of them is an assassin, including you. You are going to connect to a fierce deathmatch. In which, you have to defend your pet against every creature for survival. Aside from protecting, you are also recommended to climb up to the top spot of Stabfish.io unblocked. Therefore, it is necessary to collect the highest score. The point will be increased if you stab rivals successfully. Play Stabfish.io online and you should take advantage of your tusk. It is a special weapon that can be decorated with the victim’s head. If you want to escape, you can boost your speed. It is helpful to chase somebody. Along with power-ups, there are a lot of upgrades to enjoy. Good luck!

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