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Instructions: Move your character using arrow keys or WASD. Press key E to collect or change the power-ups. Use the left mouse to fire, click the right mouse to open the emoji menu.

Archnemesis - Play free online


Archnemesis is a 2D Shooter multiplayer game where you play as an archer whose mission is to finish off all the enemies in the big lobby using a bow and arrows. You need to roam around the big map chasing down others and attempt to kill them all before they attack you. There are many power-ups dispersed throughout the map, you should pick them up then use them to your advantage. Every single enemy you kill gives you a point, therefore, the more people you destroy, the higher the point will be. When the time runs out, the one who got the most posts will be crowned as the ultimate winner, which is your main objective in this web browser game as well. The game allows you to join a tournament or a private game with your friends. Feel free to jump into it and grab this chance to present your archery skill!

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