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Instructions: Use WASD to move, click the left/right mouse to fire, use the number keys to change weapons.

Battleroyale.io - Play free online


Battleroyale.io with free gameplay and top-down view places you in a massive battle where you are pitted against new enemies. Like other Battle Royales Consoles games, in this multiplayer browser game online, you will have to fight off all enemies and try your best to survive until the end. Since the whole game is situated in deep outer space, it stores many mysterious areas. You can choose the starting location on the map that you want in order to have a great position then take a right leap into the battle. Being armed with a pistol, you will use it to clear up some enemies. But when you make your way through the map, you should collect more weapons with equipment for more strength, which allows you to take on tougher enemies. Be careful with your surroundings! You can focus on killing others but don’t forget to defend yourself at the same time. The top spot on the leaderboard is waiting for you! Enjoy Battleroyale.io and make sure you play other Battle Royale io games too!

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