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Instructions: Use the left mouse to attack the enemies. Press key D for using dash. 

Bighero.io - Play free online


Jump into an epic strategy game called Bighero.io and turn yourself into a mighty hero who has to slay all enemies in sight. With a strong weapon in your hand, you must use it wisely to hit all enemies around you while defending yourself from their attacks. Make your way through the big map and keep dealing damage to everything standing in your way! There are many weapon upgrades dispersed around the arena, be sure to gather them to strengthen your weapon. Once it got stronger, you will find it very easy to finish off the opponents. Whatever you do, just be sure to elude all the incoming attacks. If you soak massive damage, you may end up dying, losing a chance of dominating the leaderboard. Fight with good tactics then work your way to the highest spot on the leaderboard to become the unbeatable hero! Good luck to you!

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