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Instructions: Move your tank with arrow keys or WASD. Use the mouse to aim then shoot, the right mouse or key F to aim, the mouse wheel scroll or key Q or key E to change weapons, use key Tab to open the scoreboard, and key Shift for the help menu.

BlockTanks.io - Play free online


It’s always fun and addictive to play free thanks battle games online, and with BlockTanks.io unblocked, you will become more addicted to battle tank games. In this tank IO game where you can play with a team, choose your favorite game mode before you step into the arena: team deathmatch or control point. In Team Deather, you must help your team kill as many enemies as possible to bring a lot of points to your team. But if you join the control point mode, your mission here is to work with the team to hold a certain area on the map for a long enough time until one point is given to your team. You should always defend yourself and help your teammates finish off the opponents, never underestimate them, try your best to knock them out of the arena for a chance of getting closer to the ultimate triumph. Teamwork is a must and everything you need for this tank battle. Can you make your team the final victor? Let’s play BlockTanks.io Io game now!

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