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Instructions: Use WASD for the movement. Aim and shoot with the mouse. Use the items by clicking the left mouse button.

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Clansmen is a tough real-time strategy web browser game in which you generate a big base and get ready to battle against the enemies. In the game, you will make your way through the map in an attempt to collect many items on the ground then use them to craft advanced weapons and other tools for your survival. You must venture out into the fight and send your units out to battle against the opponents. When fighting, you should apply some good strategies into the fight so as to defeat the rivals easily and give them no chances to strike you back. Watch out for your HP during the course of the fight, if it reaches down to 0, all of your units will end up dying. You’d better create a group and work with your fellow members to wipe out the tougher enemies more effectively. The game goal is to become the best player of all!

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