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Instructions: Move around the map with the mouse, dash and kill enemies using the left mouse button.

Cocky.io - Play free online


Grab a chance to become an arrogant fighter in a cool io game called Cocky.io unblocked where you can freely show off your fighting abilities. You become a cocky fighter who has to eliminate all enemies from around the world using a giant weapon that kind of looks like a long sausage. How cool it is to have a unique weapon like that, right? Feel free to use and stab your rivals when they are around you to wipe them out of the game arena and make sure you protect yourself at the same time from the others’ attacks. Don’t forget to eat foods to increase the size of your weapon, the larger, the better! Once you have killed some enemies, quickly grab their foods to grow your size even more. Do not come in contact with players with bigger sausages, or else you will be destroyed. The goal for you in Cocky.io free game online is to become the best fighter!

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