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Instructions: Use WASD to roam, Space to jump, Left Mouse to attack, Right Mouse to scope, Tab to inventory, 1-5 to choose tools

Craftnite.io - Play free online


Craftnite.io is a fun 2D shooter io game mixing Minecraft and Fortnite. Enter a new world and encounter all of the enemies online. You need to knock down every opponent in order to become the top player. If you are successful in eliminating somebody in Craftnite.io free, you will be able to loot stairs and dynamites. Meanwhile, don’t ignore headshots because they are very useful to help you steal more! You will have the chance to reach high ground. To demolish something in Craftnite.io unblocked, you can throw TNT. Besides, you are recommended to mine trees. Wood is an important resource to craft your item. You will spawn on the map with a sniper, a pickaxe, an explosive, and 20 steps. Before you are sure to play down someone, you can hide. It is also another way to survive when you are not ready to fight. It’s time to travel, build, battle, and more! Good luck!

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