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Instructions: Perform the movement using WASD. Shoot enemies using the left mouse. Select the wall type using Z/X or C. Click the right mouse button to place walls, use number keys 1-5 to change items or weapons, press E for actions, Shift for running, Enter for chatting, and the spacebar for jumping from the parachute.

CrazyBattle - Play free online


CrazyBattle.io game takes your battle royale experience to the next level. Are you with this io game online for new challenges? There are two game modes for your selection, including deathmatch and zombie. Before entering the arena, you can choose the mode you want to master. In the deathmatch mode, every player has to use their parachute to get down on the ground where they will battle against each other. The point of this mode is to find the only winner that survives at the end of the game. You need to move around the map picking up weapons to attack your enemies and kill them all to become the last one remaining. In the zombie mode, you and other players have the same problem to deal with – the zombies. You should create a base for yourself, craft items, or collect more weapons, and then use them all to deal damage to the zombies that come at night. As you play CrazyBattle unblocked for free, you can unlock achievements, including a butcher, an executioner, an exterminator, a hunter, a killer, a ninja, a veteran, a warrior, a sniper, and a legendary. So cool, right? Give CrazyBattle.io game a try now! Have fun!

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