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Instructions: The cat’s movement will be controlled using the mouse. Use an ability using keys QWE.

Creatur.io - Play free online


In a huge world full of cats, people have to fight for their survival. You are going to experience that battle in Creatur.io free game online which is free to play in browsers. Creatur.io game has the same gameplay mechanics as Agar.io, but still, it has its own charm that is hard to resist to play. You are cat wandering around the map looking for domination. To become the best cat, you must never stop growing your body by eating a lot of gems dispersed throughout the map. By gathering gems, your cat will receive a certain amount of XP too. When you come across enemies, quickly bite them from behind to eliminate them. Also, you can outmaneuver them too using the special moves. Put all your effort into conquering the arena so you can become the most ferocious cat in Creature.io animal io game! No more waiting, it’s time to throw yourself into this cat battle and try to win it!

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