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Instructions: Move your character using WASD, use number key 1 to use the sword, number key 2 to throw stones, number key 3 to eat some food and number key 4 to build a block.

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Cubeeio unblocked is a platformer survival game with 2D graphics. You have a chance to create a new world at your own taste using plenty of resources that can be collected on the ground when you make your way through this randomly generated world. Once you have armed yourself with a good amount of resources, use them to create plenty of constructions following your own style. However, this adventure seems not to be easy when it pits you against mobs and other opponent players. You have to collect rocks to throw at them before they have a chance to harm you. As you play, you will get hungry as well, make sure you pick up some food and eat them to fill your stomach. Have your skills ready all the time in order to deal with opponents for your survival. You have an intention of ruling the whole word in Cubee.io game. Much fun with it!

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