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Instructions: Perform your movement using WASD, charge attack and jump using the spacebar, use the left mouse to attack or use items, the left mouse + shift to use the items in the secondary mode. Press Shift to sneak, Q to drop items, hold Q+1 to drop 10 items, Q+2 to drop 100 items. Press R to recycle the building and E to arm/disarm weapon and turret.

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Doomed2.io unblocked is the sequel to Doomed.io the first chapter. You will be back in an epic battle with more enemies to conquer. The environment in this second chapter is now full of wild animals, monsters, and hunger. It will be hard for you to conquer them all without preparing any strategic plans. In this title, you are equipped with even more items and weapons to deal with the surroundings. Begin your adventure by collecting materials, like wood and stone, then, use them to craft advanced weapons, items, or even a base to help you get through the elements. When you encounter enemies, quickly eliminate them! You can even team up with others and create big defenses together. Or, just fight on your own and try your hardest to survive. In Doomed2.io game, you have to become the strongest player to dominate the arena. Get ready for this adventure! Have a blast with it!

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