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Instructions: Move the mouse cursor around to control the movement of your character, click the left mouse button to attack enemies and use the right mouse to speed boost.

EvoWars.io - Play free online


Five and evolve into the best survivor in EvoWars.io unblocked! You pit yourself against lots of enemies in an epic battle where evolution is the main objective of all players. In every match, you begin as a basic caveman. But when you advance your levels, you will grow then change the skin with the weapon. That’s how you evolve through stages of the game! You can concentrate on collecting orbs or kill enemies quickly using the speed boost to increase your size. Getting bigger is always good, but in this case, it will make you move slower a bit. You may want to chase smaller enemies, but if they are faster than you, they can dodge your attacks or even take a chance to defeat you. You have to protect yourself and survive until you become the best player in Evowars.io game! Can you evolve as well as rise above all enemies? Start the battle! Conquer it all!

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