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Instructions: Pick a color and draw stuff using the left mouse button. Type your guesses using the keyboard.

Gartic.io - Play free online


Gartic.io free online is a marvelous io game about drawing, doodling, and guessing words. If you love this kind of game genre, you should not miss any chances to try Gartic.io for free in your browser. It’s so fun to watch other players guess a word based on your drawings, and it’s much funnier when you test your guessing skill by trying to answer the correct word. Gartic.io is a place where everybody can express their skills. The in-game rules are simple. You will have to draw stuff and other players have to guess it. If they have the right guess, you will earn a high score. When someone is drawing, your job is to focus on their drawings then quickly type the correct guess into the chatbot for a high score too. The winner will be the one who got the best score when all rounds come to an end. Have fun!

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