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Instructions: Move around the map using arrow keys or WASD. Click the left mouse to fire or attack. Use key Q to change to the knife.

GiftHunter.Online - Play free online


In a fantastic epic IO game called GiftHunter Online, you will play as a cute Christmas present undertaking a big mission which is to kill all enemy presents using a wide range of strong weapons. You start roaming through the map hunting down other boxes and quickly eliminate them all. Sounds simple, but you must figure out which gifts are players, and which gifts are props. It won’t be good if you hit the wrong targets! So, be sure to focus on the game and pinpoint accurate enemies to wipe out. Don’t forget to develop your smart strategies throughout the course of the fight! You should utilize them to outwit your opponents, stay alive for as long as possible then evolve yourself into an expert gift hunter, which is your main goal in GiftHunter game! The game is free to play in a browser, so come to give it a shot now!

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