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Instructions: Use Left Mouse to attack the enemy, Q to choose the knife

GiftHunter2.IO - Play free online


GiftHunter2.IO is a great 2d shooter io game that is free for all to play online. It is about a cool match in which you will start off with a special character like a Christmas gift. Aside from you, it is easy to see a lot of similar enemies. Fight against each other and you need to become the last standing player. It will be an important key to score the most kills and take over the leaderboard.

Hop into the arena of GiftHunter2.IO unblocked at school you’d better find out the real competitors. They are able to hide and ambush to eliminate you at any time. Come to the latest update of GiftHunter2.IO you will have the chance to enter the Team mode or Capture The Flag as your preference. Both of them will be available soon. Always perform your action smartly and dodge shots or stabs of them promptly! You must survive if you’d like to prove your power. Let’s share the combat with your buddies and conquer it now!

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