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Instructions: Use the mouse to move, Left mouse or Space to kill, Right mouse or W to boost speed

Goons.io - Play free online


Goons.io is an interesting Free For All strategy brand new io game. It is an online multiplayer match where you are required to slash as many competitors as you can. Increase your points and you will soon become the top player on the server! It is also the main aim that you need to fulfill once you accept to step into the arena.

Goons.io is a cool title developed by Clown Games, the creator of many popular works. Select a skin you want and play against countless enemies in the same race no ads. Wield your sword skillfully to eliminate the target. You will earn a high rank immediately. Besides, you are recommended to collect colorful blobs across the playfield of Goons.io so as to make that weapon grow longer. In case you expect to escape deadly traps or chase somebody, especially those who gain the highest score, you can dash. Good luck!

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