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Instructions: Use the mouse to guide your animal and attack competitors

GooseGame.io - Play free online


GooseGame.io is a thrilling multiplayer RPG game free for all to join and experience. It is about a new and competitive match of unruly geese. They are being locked in a small area after they cause some troubles to their owner. Unfortunately, it quickly turns into a battlefield when they cannot control their action. To save your pet, you need to prevent other creatures from killing him. So, survival will be the key to rescue your animal and help you become the winner.

Play GooseGame.io online unblocked and you should stay away from every opponent, especially those who are stronger or more aggressive than you! They can fly up and bite you at any time. Avoid rivals and eat food as much as possible. What you consume in GooseGame.io will allow you to gain enough experience points, level up, evolve, or change into another complex form. In addition to finding resources or power-ups scattered across the map, you can hunt anybody you want. Good luck!

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