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Instructions: Use arrow keys or WASD or mouse to control your snake. Press spacebar or up arrow key to speed up.

LeWorm - Play free online


Are you ready to slither your way through a world full of snakes in Leworm – another epic Slither Style IO game online? You will have a new chance to show off your surviving capability. In the game, you direct a snake around the big map full of foods. Try to eat them to get bigger and make use of your big body to trap the opponents by encircling them with no way out. You must make them crash into your body, killing them instantly. At the same time, you have to defend your snake from being attacked by other snakes, or else you will meet your doom as well. You can make a speed boost to catch prey to flee away from dangers. Keep your snake upgraded over time, increase its power and use your strength to wipe out all enemy snakes then climb your way up to the top of the leaderboard to rule the entire arena.

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