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Instructions: Use the mouse to direct your character's movement.

Losts.io - Play free online


Play another Splix Style IO game called Losts.io! You become a single character navigating through a big map in an attempt to conquer as much land as possible by capturing multiple hexagonal grinds on the map. You need to capture the hexagons then quickly connect them back to your main base to expand the realm. Your trail is a weak spot here! When you roam through the map, a trail will be created behind you, and it must be protected all the time. If an enemy crashes into the trail, your game will be over immediately, and this means you must restart it from scratch. But if you catch sight of somebody’s trail, you need to crash into it fast to defeat your opponent then capture his hexagons to make your realm much larger. You have to rise to the top of the leaderboard to become the best player of all!

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