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Instructions: Move your character using the mouse. Use the left mouse button to attack enemies with the weapon and sprint with the right mouse button.

Minesmashers.club - Play free online


Minesmashers.club unblocked is an io game inspired by Minecraft. The mission for you in this title is to beat all enemies and push them out of the arena. Before entering the arena, feel free to select a class in the main menu. You make your way through the map quickly smashing opponents around you while avoiding their attacks. As you advance your level, you can unlock new classes, including pig, chicken, spider, wolf, villager, and herobrine. You are required to have enough XP if you want to level up. The amount of XP can be gained by eating food and killing enemies. You will see food on the map, so go eat some to get XP. Leveling up yourself is also a way to help strengthen yourself, which gives you a chance to win. Focus on the game, perform your strategies to outplay your opponents, survive, and win. That’s what you have to do when playing Minesmashers.club free online. Have fun with it

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