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Instructions: Use WASD or arrow keys for moving. Click the mouse to choose skills and attack.

Oreshk.io - Play free online


Oreshk.io is an epic MMO Indie web browser game opening brutal space combat where players must fight one another for the arena supremacy. You have to navigate your spaceship around in space in an attempt to destroy all opponent ships. You must aim then quickly wipe them out, giving them no chances to strike you back. You should watch out for your surroundings and always have your skills ready to deal with the sudden attacks as well as many risks around you. You can fly between asteroids floating around in space, collect multiple resources then use them to your advantage. You are also given some abilities that can be used and changed during the course of the fight. If you know how to use them, you will find it easy to finish off the opponents. Your goal is to become the most dangerous spaceship ruling in space! Good luck to you!

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