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Instructions: Use WASD to move your friend, Space to select items

PartyToons.io - Play free online


PartyToons.io is a fun Free For All iO game that can make you addicted for a long time. It is about an interesting online multiplayer competition set in a small arena. In which, you will compete with a few opponents at random. To occupy the top spot, you need to be the last standing man.

PartyToons.io unblocked is available for you to choose any mini-games that you want to start. It can be the room where you challenge your luck with Mystery Boxes or a playfield that you will win when you avoid bombs. Each map will not have the same missions. Therefore, you should read and follow the tutorial to finish your target. Try to pick the right crate or you will be knocked off the platform! In another location, you are forced to stay alive while evading dangerous explosives dropped constantly around you. If you earn coins and trophies, you can buy upgrades as in Ducklings and unlock characters not existing before. Good luck!

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