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PumpUp Hero!

Instructions: Punch enemies using the left mouse, press keys QWE for using a special ability. 

PumpUp Hero! - Play free online

PumpUp Hero

Jump into an exciting Strategy game called PumpUp Hero! to present your skills! You play as a superhero flying around in the sky to rescue many endangered civilians. The sky is full of planes and balloons, so you need to gather them as much as you can in order to increase your experience points then use them to purchase and unlock more awesome special abilities that help you in fighting against other enemy heroes. You must try your hardest to beat all of them, the more kills you collect, the larger the size you will reach, and finally, you will have a chance to become the strongest hero in the whole sky, which is your main objective in this free-for-all IO game. It will be fun to play as a superhero flying around the skies! Plus, you can totally put your skills to a test. Can you reach the top rank? Play it now!

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