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Instructions: Control and move your raft to fight against enemies using the mouse.

RAFTZ.ONLINE - Play free online


Raftz.online is a challenging battleship game where you must build a strong raft by using a lot of cardboard boxes that can be collected around the map. Once you’re done building it, you can get ready for fighting against other opponents. But, through over time, you should keep the raft larger and more powerful, giving you an easy chance to defeat all others. When you pick up the boxes, each of them may have a special item inside, and if you’re lucky, you can get a skilled soldier for yourself then you use him to fight against the opponents. During the course of the fight, make sure you always defend your raft from soaking damage dealt by the enemies and try to focus on destroying their rafts. The game objective is to dominate the entire oceanic arena by becoming the best fighter of all! Jump into the fight now! Good luck to you!

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