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Shark Attack.io

Instructions: Move your shark around the ocean to eat smaller fish and smaller sharks using the mouse.

Shark Attack.io - Play free online

Shark Attack.io

It’s not good to get attacked by a cunning shark, but it must be fun to be a shark attacking others. Play Shark Attack.io unblocked right now to experience this kind of challenge and see if you can become the strongest shark in the ocean. Shark Attack.io free online is pretty much the same as Agar.io in terms of gameplay when it also focuses on big sharks eating small sharks. You spawn in the ocean as a small shark, from here, you must hunt for plankton and eat other smaller dwelling fishes to grow your size. Keep eating them until you get bigger. Just make sure you keep your snake away from the bigger enemies, otherwise, you will get eaten. Don’t let someone bigger catch you! Be careful with your surroundings and try to survive until you become the largest shark in the ocean. Are you ready? Jump into Shark Attack.io free game now! Much fun!

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