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Instructions: Move your egg killer using WASD or IJKL. Click the left mouse to fire, use key E or U to change weapons, key R or Y to reload, and spacebar to jump.

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Shellshockers.io (Shell Shockers) is a Shooter game online about various egg killers killing each other for their power, arena domination, and ultimate triumph. You become an egg killer armed with a variety of weapons and your main objective in Shellshockers.io is to destroy all of your online opponents before it’s too late. Gear up yourself with great weapons then use them to deal damage to everything getting in your pathway. Because everyone here in the arena is your enemy, you need to show no mercy to them and kill them in a brutal way. Be aware of your ammo count as your weapon may run out the bullets. In this case, you need to gather supplies from the ground or from the killed enemies. Also, if your health is running low, make sure you escape to a certain area of the map to regenerate it. Focus on killing your foes until you crack the highest number of eggs and that’s when you become the winner!

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